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Unloading Vehicles from the Car shipping Trailer

The below pictures are step by step visualization to help you understand how your vehicle will be unloaded of an auto transport carriers truck. The car delivery takes place on a non-busy street during early moring hours.
You may be asking why is this car shipping carrier dropping off a vehicle on road side? This is a good questions and the answer may as well be because the customer might live on a narrow street where the large car transport truck would not be able to maneuver. Please let the driver know if your road has easy access for large vehicle shipping trucks or else a different location will need to be provided.
Car Transport Delivery In this picture we see the car shipping carriers truck driving down a road carrying a load of vehicles.
Worker Adjusting Car Transport Ramps The auto transport driver lowers the hydraulics lift gate.
Unsecure Vehicles from Auto Transport Carrier The car transport driver then takes off all security straps that were on the automobile and prepairs the vehicle to be driven off the car transport truck.
Car Transport Carrier ready to be Unloaded Here the driver enters the vehicle so he can drive it down the ramp. Customers are not able to drive there automobiles from the car shipping truck only the driver of the company.
Unloading SUV from Auto Transport Truck The vehicle is carefully driven off the car shipping carrier onto the street.
Car unloaded for Transporter Car Delivery complete, the vehicle is inspected by the owner. The auto transport carrier continues on his way to the next location for another customer.

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