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Below are frequently asked questions that we receive about car transport services. Please Contact Us if you have any further questions or comments related to shipping a vehicle.
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Q. Can I place some personal possessions in the trunk of my car and back seat when shipping a vehicle ?
Car shipping insurance does not cover household items in your automobile. Also it is not permitted by the department of transportation for auto transport carriers to ship personal belongings in a vehicle.
Additional items can also add extra weight to car transport truck causing delays at weigh in stops and having to pay additional fees if over the necassery weight.
Placing items inside you automobile during car shipping service can also be a problem in terms of theift. Car shipping haulers do rest at over night rest stops and a car left with expensive items in plan view may be a target for a break in.
When booking your auto shipping service you may speak to the car transport company for more on this topic and they may be have some suggestions for you.

Q. How does door to door car shipping work?
Door-to-door car shipping means your automobile will be delivered directly to your house.  It is very important to note that if you live on a very narrow road or a one way street that would be difficult for the car transport carriers to steer the truck into, it would be wise to make arrangements to meet the car transporter in a near by shopping center.  This is done for the safety of the auto transport carriers, your surroundings and your automobile.
* Learn more about door-to-door auto shipping

Q. Car shipping service of my automobile to a terminal.
If teh car transport carriers deliver your automobile to a terminal it means 1 of 3 things.

  • You live on a road that is not fit for a large car shipping truck to drive down on.
  •  If you do live on a road such as mentioned above, but still request door to door vehicle transport service, the auto shipping company will arrange for a small flatbed truck to transport your automobile to you.
  • To save some money you can request to pick up your own car at a near by vehicle transport terminal.  This may save you money because the car shipping trucks do not have to waste time and gas trying to find your exact location or wait for you to arrive at the destination.
  • If you are not home on the auto delivery day, your automobile will be dropped of at a car transport terminal.

    * Learn more about terminal vehicle transport

What forms of payment are excepted for car shipping service of my automobile?
Automobile shipping companies will take All major credit card, personal checks, money ordrs, cashiers checks and cash.

Q. How does payment work for vehicle transport service of my car?
It is possible to pay the complete bill up front but on most cases just a deposit of $175 or a similar amount is required to put your automobile in schedule for car shipping service pick up.  If you just pay the deposit then the remainder payment for vehicle shipping service is do in cash when your car arrives at its delivery destination.

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