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Click the links to read these informative auto transport articles. Being informed can help guaruntee a stress-free auto delivery and a safely transported vehicle.

How Vehicle Shipping Trucks Work

These articles describe how your car is loaded onto a carrier and transported when using a car shipping service. Click the links below to read more.
Car Shipping Process
  1. Here you can see on the car shipping carrier there is another vehicle directly above (white car) the lower car (gray vehicle). Read more information about the position of your car on the car shipping carrier ...

  2. During car transport service your vehicle is safely secured onto the trailer. You will notice strong ties, metal chains and hooks hold the vehicle is place during shipping. Read more about how your vehicles stays in place when on the car transport carrier…

  3. An Auto transport carriers trailer is made of up of lots of parts including heavy metal tracks and ramps. These metal trailer tracks and drive up ramp help get your vehicle onto the car transport carrier and are an important factor in keeping your vehicle in place during the car shipping process. Read more on metal trailers of auto transport carriers…

  4. Mud guards (mud flaps) help prevent road debris from hitting the automobiles riding on the vehicle shipping carrier as well as other cars driving on the road. Click the link to read more about the mud guards on vehicle shipping carriers.

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