Free auto shipping rates calculator – How Accurate is it?

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Best Auto Transport Rates Calculator – Click Here

If your browsing the internet for auto transport cheapest deals then your going to fill out some of those “Free Rate” forms on auto hauling company websites. Yes we all understand those are free quotes but how accurate are those cheap prices these companies are giving you? Are those the prices you will be paying or is it a bunch of B.S.?

Well as Mr. T would say “I Pitty Da Fool”. Those quotes are free but they are not what your going to pay. Think of it as an estimated general idea of the delivery cost. This is because there are to many variables that come into play to simply say something for example, your shipping a car form Texas to Florida, ok it will cost $700. No way, the auto shippers need to know a lot of details and things such as the actual date (time of year), vehicle make and how you want it shipped play an important role in getting an exact price.

So not to say that a free auto shipping rates calculator is no good but it should be used as a general bases of the average cost to ship a car. Also, the more details that are on car delivery quotes form the better chances of getting a more accurate rate. Check out the free quote calculator on because it gives you great accurate rates for your auto move.

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Cheapest To Ship Car But Not For YOUR car?

Cheapest company to ship car

Is the Cheapest Company Always the Best Choice?

Yes, all hauling companies will provide cheap auto shipping rates for free to get your attention. But is it possible to find a company that is the Cheapest to ship car to your new destination? This question has a Yes and No Answer.

Yes, it is possible to find cheap car shipping rates to move your vehicle but sometimes those discount prices can come with things you do not want such as time delays and hidden costs.  You have to remember that this service cost money for the auto hauling companies too, its not free to ship cars! Your not going out and looking for the best lunch special in town. These companies have insurance, employees and gas to pay for and those auto carrier trucks eat a lot of gas.

But there are times when you can deal with an auto transport broker and get a sweet deal but again it might take them some time to find you that deal.  You can always use to get multiple price rates from auto brokers and actual auto transporters so you can compare rates.

Know for the No answer to the questions. Sometimes the cheapest auto shipping rates aren’t the best when you weigh the pros and cons of a company. Would you rather get save some money and then have to worry about who has your car or spend a little extra and know that you got your car shipped with a reliable auto shipper? Exactally!

So when bargain hunting for the cheapest way to ship a car always do your research on a carrier before signing any paper work to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

Which Company is CHEAPEST to Ship Car Cross Country?

Ship a car for cheaper prices

I used and $aved a Bundle!!!

If you are looking for the Cheapest Deal to ship your vehicle you probably have 2 questions:

1) Which hauling company is the cheapest to ship a car cross country?

Answer: There isn’t one particular company that’s cheapest. It depends on a few things such as time of shipment, vehicle type, delivery method and distance. One sure shot way to score cheap rates is through this website because it gives you discounted price quotes from up to 10 auto shipper companies. Once you get your free quotes compare prices and pick the shipper you want to use.

2) How much does it cost to ship a car to another state? 

Answer) This is one of those questions you need to know details such as Which State and What Month. You have to remember that distance is very important. For example, if your shipping a car from Philadelphia Pennsylvania  to Atlanta Georgia it is going to be a whole lot cheaper then shipping a vehicle from Philadelphia Pennsylvania to Las Vegas Nevada. More milage means more gas and that turns out to be higher cost. You can always save some money by driving your automobile to the next state and meet the truck driver there.

So when trying to find cheapest way to ship a car remember to be flexible on date of pick up, pick up locations and use a website like to get multiple price quotes at once.

Website Comment: can help you get the best deals on auto transport service to All States Nationwide with our super quick almost instant quote form.

TIPS on Car Shipping Service For “New” Vehicles |

car shipping for a new car

Did you just purchase a new car? Get a Cheap Rate for shipping it today

If you just purchased a new car and need to ship it from the dealer or from seller you come to the right place to get cheap car shipping rates.
But your probably here for some TIPS on shipping a NEW car.
Keep in mind, Auto transporters are pro’s at shipping all types of vehicles but when it comes to NEW vehicles you have to be careful on a few things.

Check the below Quick New Car Ship Tips:

1. Since the vehicle is New then it should not have any damage. BUT if your shipping it to yourself then that means you might not be the one inspecting it for damage before shipping. Make Sure you have a trusted source go over the car and check of any marks or scratches and make the driver sign a bill of landing (paperwork) saying vehicle’s condition.
2. If your New vehicle is of the luxury caliber you might consider getting Enclosed carrier transport service. This better protects your automobile from outdoor elements.
3. Don’t want to spend the $ on enclosed delivery services but still want to keep your vehicle safe? Ask your vehicle transport company to have your car placed on the Top carrier of the truck. This way chances of pebbles and road debris are less likely to hit it.

Whats in The Picture:

You will notice the car delivery truck is hauling some nice rides going from Austin Texas to Miami Florida. On the top carrier is a nice 5-series BMW and below is an Acura. Both cars being new are getting open carrier service. You will notice the driver has but the BMW which is more expensive on the Top Carrier. This could be because the owner paid for it to be up there or simply because that is when the car was loaded onto the truck. In either case, if you got a new vehicle the choice is yours on how to best ship it to you. Is a Free directory resource.  For cheapest car shipping prices from professional auto hauling companies Click Here


Cheap Auto transport for student | Shipping Car Back To College

It doesn’t matter if your on winter break, graduating or just dropping out of College. Chances are you will have or need a car at some point during your school education. If your lucky enough to afford your own car in college then most likely at some point you will need your ride shipped to your school if its to far to drive. But if your like most college students then your on a tight budget and looking for a bargain.  Below are 5 quick tips for getting cheap auto transport for a student :

1) Look for Cheapest rates – How do you find cheapest vehicle shipping rates? Well, is a great start and will get you up to 10 Free car shipping rates for FAST. Fill out 1 easy form, get quotes, compare rates and pick company of your choice.
2) Always Tell the auto transporters you are a student and in college. HAVE Your school ID to show Prove it.
3) Be Flexible –  Be open to dates so you can get the cheapest rates. Yea, we know school starts on certain date…Maybe get there few weeks early or later ;)
4) Barter out a deal – Yepp! Most companies want something from you…and that is a positive review. Sometimes just saying I will give you a good review on there website or other review site may lead to some extra cash back.
5) Ship Multiple Cars – Got Friends? Well if they are shipping a car back to college then have them book with you and get a group rate. Almost all hauling companies will toss you a bone for getting another vehicle loaded on there truck.

So stop searching for auto transport discount codes and coupons and use your being a college student to your advantage.
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Who is Simply put, a Free directory for getting discount auto transport rates and getting some nifty tips on shipping your ride.


Car shipping Company in California | Most Popular Cities Getting Transport Service

Car shipping is a Nationwide service for anybody looking to relocate there vehicle. Yet some states simply have more deliveries then others. One of the most popular states on most companies route for affordable car shipping service is California and below is top destinations in this exciting state:
1) Los Altos
2) Monte Sereno
3) Rancho Santa Margarita
4) Saratoga
5) Hollywood
6) Lafayette
7) los Angeles
8) Cupertino
9) Foster City
10) Kensington

The above opinion was provided by a auto carrier company driver.  In any case, hauling companies can ship vehicles to any city in a state. So if your getting transport service to or from a different city in California, don’t worry, the shipping company will be able to do it. Just some points to keep in mind is that most delivery trucks are large and will not be able to reach your home if you live on a narrow road with sharp turns. If that is the case, better to meet your truck driver at a local shopping center for a safe and easy drop off.

Always ask the hauling company who quoted you a rate regards to delivery location and door-to-door shipment. Most drivers will notify you if they feel they are not able to get to your home and in that situation you will need to meet them at an agreed upon location for the delivery of your car.

About This Web Site : is a Free directory helping you get cheap car shipping rates from top professional auto transporters almost instantly!.

Auto Transport Coupons, Discount Codes & Secret Tips for Saving $$$

$$$$ Discount Codes, Coupons & Deals to Ship Your Wheels

Its time to ship your vehicle and the hunt is on to get the cheapest rates humanly possible know to man. I mean, you will not stop till you find best deal and that includes searching for hours looking for auto transport coupons and discount codes. In this day and age any discounted rate is better then non. Well then, did you find any discount auto shipping coupon codes? No, well don’t give up hope just yet! Try the below 4 tips to try and swindle your way to a Discount car delivery.

4 Auto Transport Coupons And Discount Codes to try:

1) Mention Promo Code “Pro Auto Transport” – No we didn’t make that up. There is a free directory called and it clearly says on it that if you mention a discount code “Pro Auto Transport” to the vehicle shippers they will give you some sort of savings.
2) Are you a student? – If you are then your in luck kiddo! Most companies will ask you for a student id to be emailed or faxed as proof in order to get a discounted quote.
3) Government Job – Are you a government employee, police officer, fire fighter, postal worker or other similar job? Well have an ID ready as that’s your coupon to some saving on shipping a vehicle.
4) Military Man (or women)? – everybody appreciates the military and the freedom that it gives us. Each auto hauling company we know will give a discounted rate for a military personal with appropriate identification that needs to ship a car.
5) AAA member – Are you a AAA member? Then come on down to some discounts. Car transporters love AAA members because that means you like to travel often. Traveling often means you will need car hauling service frequently which will get you a discount.

If all the above do not relate to you then do what I do in situations when wanting to get a discount, simply ask for it. It may not work but if you don’t try you will never know.
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Getting The Cheapest Car Shipping Rates In Bad Economy

The economy is at a point where people are really feeling the burden for inflation. Remember when gas was $1.95 gallon or a bottle of soda pop at the convenient store was $0.89 cents? Yes, everything seems to be going up except our salaries. So, how do you go about getting the cheapest car shipping rates in this crumby economy?

Budget Auto Shipping Rates in this Economy

1) Ship A Vehicle in The Off Seasons. When are the off seasons you ask? Usually right before the weather gets nice, holidays, back to school and large events.
2) Ship Multiple Vehicles At Same Time. Ok ok you might only have one ride to ship BUT you might have a friend or know somebody who needs to ship a vehicle as well. If you have more then one, chances are you will get a Discount Auto Shipping Rate.
3) Be A Hard Ass. Yes, sometimes you got to be tough about what your willing to pay As Long As Its Within Reason. For example, if you were quoted $750 to ship a vehicle from New York to San Diego California you can tell them your willing to pay $675 or $700 and you might just get it. But don’t tell them half the quoted price because you will get hang up on.
4) Use Shameless plug? Not really. Its true, this website is a Directory, its free to use and it Will get you free car transport quotes from up to 10 companies super fast. You can compare rates and pick the cheapest or the company you feel most comfortable using.

So don’t let the economy get you down. Be smart about your car delivery and plan ahead of time. In the end, everything will be great just keep thinking positive. – How Much To Ship A Car? Cheap If You Use This WebSite!

If you are in need of shipping a vehicle then you are probably wondering things like which company to use? How much to ship a car? Does it matter what type of vehicle it is? Well lets give you the facts:

Which auto hauling company to use?
That’s is probably more important then how to get the cheapest car shipping rate. Finding the right auto hauler can make a difference between getting your car shipped and not getting your car picked up. Always ask for references and do your homework on a company. Websites like only lets licensed and bonded auto shippers that are in good standings on review sites get listed on the directory.

How much does it cost to ship a car?
That is a tricky question because things such as size of vehicle, date, delivery method, drivers schedule and locations can play a huge roll in getting a more exact cost for the complete vehicle transport process. Websites such as can give you free cheap car shipping rates just click here.

Does it matter what type of vehicle your shipping?
Yes, large vehicle transport service will cost more then shipping a small compact vehicle. That is because it weighs more and takes up more space on the auto carriers trailer. Its very important to note the size of your automobile on any quote form you fill out as well as make sure you tell the auto transporters of any modifications your vehicle may have.

All in all the best way to find out how much does it cost to ship a car would be to use a website such as the one your currently on and fill out the free quote form. Chances are the cost will be less then you think.

Car transport San Diego California – Getting cheap Rates for CA shipping

San Diego is a great city and being just 120 miles from Los Angeles CA makes it a popular location.
Things to keep in mind when trying to find get cheap rates for car transport to San Diego California:
1. Major City – Since San Diego is a major city in the state of California getting car transport service to or from that location is very easy.
2. Terminals – The great thing about major cities is they have many drop of terminals  which are usually located next to highways. Having the auto transporter leave your vehicle at a terminal for you to pick it up can save you money.
2. Weather – Yes the weather is nice in California and you are probably wondering what does that have to do with shipping a vehicle? Well many people from cold winter locations such as New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania and others states tend to be people who consider themselves “Snow Birds”. A snow bird is somebody who usually travels to warmer climate location in the winter months of their state. This can raise the rates and make it more difficult to obtain a cheap price for your car delivery.

So always think about terminal locations in your city as well as the season your going to be shipping a car to or from locations such as San Diego. Visit our home page today and get cheap quotes from San Diego car transport companies fast.