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Adjustable ramps on the car shipping truck means that theirs room for your larger vehicle.


In Photo you see how wide the rear ramp is on carrier.

Adjustable ramps on the car shipping truck means that theirs room for your larger vehicle.  Auto transport carriers are constructed of high quality metal and strong moveable parts to ensure your vehicle a safe journey. In the photo above you will notice that the bottom part of the car shipping truck is empty because either a vehicle was just delivered or one is about to be picked up for transporting. As with any shipment, car transport companies like to load up vehicles that will be dropped of first toward the back of the truck for faster loading and unloading times. In many situations this is not always possible as some automobiles have a shorter delivery or are picked up some time during the auto transporters travel.

What are the Red Circles on the Car Shipping truck showing:

- Left circle: Here it’s very visible the extra ramp that the trucker has which serves two purposes. First being if the vehicle is longer then a standard car (in this case an SUV) the extra ramp will be able to accommodate the vehicle. Second, this extra ramp helps when the car shipping drivers unloads the vehicles off the carrier by keeping the angle of drive off lower to prevent automobile from bottoming up.

- Middle circle: You will notice the strong steal metal bars that hold up the top row of vehicles on the carrier. Also notice the reflectors on the bar. Reflectors are placed on the car transport carrier for safety of your vehicle by helping other driving vehicles notice the rear cargo the hauling company is carrying. Besides those reflectors there are no lights on the carrier.

- Right circle: Here you notice more of the reflectors on the side of the car transport truck. your guide to finding professional car shipping carriers fast and online.

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