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The below are some frequently asked questions that individuals have about vehicle transport services. Please Contact Us if you have any further questions or comments.
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Q. Is there a cost or obligation for filling out your car shipping quote form on this site?
No. The car shipping quote forms on this web site allow you to get free vehicle shipping rates for your car delivery same day.  Please do not abuse this as it takes us time and energy to calculate price and respond back to each rate request. 
Note: Price rates my change. For example, if you got a quote for shipping a vehicle from New York to Florida 3 weeks ago but did not book it, the price may change as of the current date.  So advanced booking may save you some money on your car delivery.

Q. How much in advance do you recommended booking my vehicle transport service?
Booking at least your car transport 10 days in advance is recommended but most auto carriers can accommodate car shipping on short notice as well.
Note: the earlier you book your vehicle transport service the better price rates you will receive. This is because you will be scheduled into a vehicle shipping route in advance helping the car tranpsorters arrange pick up and delivery locations that are close by each other.  Doing this helps the vehicle transport companies fill up there trucks faster which saves you money.

Q. Will my vehicle be shipped by a licensed and bonded vehicle transport company?
Yes. It is required that all car shipping companies be issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration MC# or US DOT#.  This information will be included on all paper work you will receive along with insurance information.

Q. Is the vehicle shipping company insured?
Yes. For your protection most vehicle shipping companies carry a $2,000,000 public Liability insurance.  Your vehicle safety and condition is a top priority to the vehicle transport company. Make sure and ask to see documentation before booking your car shipping service with the car transporters.

Q. Is there anything that I should do to prepare my car for vehicle shipping service?
Below is a short list of some pre-transport ideas that may be helpful before shipping a vehicle:
1) Remove any items that may get loose during car transport. Below is a list of examples:

    • Antennas (radio and cb)
    • Plastic sunroof, window and head light covers (these are after market items that snap in place)
    • Trailer hitch
    • Bolt on exhaust tips
    • Loose hubcaps

2) Make sure you check your vehicle for any leaky car fluids and repair it as soon as possible.
3) Quarter to half a tank of gas in your automobile.
4) Disconnect your vehicle alarm.
5) Add antifreeze to your vehicle if shipping in winter months.
6) Make sure to have an extra spare key to your car.
7) Make note of any damage your vehicle has before you transport it.
Note: If you are worried about keeping your car clean during transport and protecting it against weather and road related elements, it is recommended that you ask about enclosed car shipping service.

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