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Money Saving Tips for Shipping a Vehicle

Everybody wants to save money on when it comes time for moving and transport. Below are some tips that may save you a couple hundred dollars on car transport service.

If you are willing to drive your car to a terminal so the car transporters do not have to come to your location (door-to-door auto shipping service) this will save them time and may lower your cost of delivery. Also if you are able to pick up your car from a terminal this may save you some money.

What is a terminal?
A terminal is a large storage area were many auto transporters drop off and pick up vehicles depending on areas they need to travel. Also if a customer is not available to receive there automobile the vehicle transport company may leave the persons car at a local terminal. To find out more about terminal delivery be sure and ask the vehicle transport representative at time for booking.

- Also use your own insurance coverage company instead of the auto transporters.

- Book your vehicle transport service months in advance. The more individuals that want to ship a vehicle during a particular month the more the price will go up. By purchasing your auto transport early this will guarantee your shipment during the time you request as well as get you a lower rate because less people are booked for that time period.

- Ship your vehicle after snow bird season (when most people ship there cars during beginning of summer months). If you are not in a rush to ship your automobiile make sure and ask the vehicle transport representative if the price would be lower on a particular date.
Note: A flexable ship date can also be noted in the comment box when getting free car shipping quotes from

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