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Vehicle Transport FAQ

These are some frequently asked questions that we receive about car transport services. Please Contact Us if you have any further questions or comments.
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Q. What is the time frame for shipping a vehicle?

The industry average for vehicle transport service of an automobile may take anywhere from 2 days through 2 weeks. 
* If time frame Is important to you, please make note of this when filling out our car shipping quotes and free rate form.
* express auto transport is available form some companies upon request at additional cost.
* If your looking for cheapest vehicle shipping prices then its best to be flexable on your pickup and delivery dates.

Q. Why does it take between 2 days – 2 weeks for car shipping?

There are many factors that play a roll in the amount of time it will take for shipping a vehicle. Below is a short list of some examples of unexpected delays that can arise during vehicle transport service:
1) weather elements such as snow storms, heavy rain, hurricanes etc.
2) auto transport carriers arrive at customers delivery location but customer is not available to except their vehicle. This slows down everybodies drop offs.
3) car transport carriers arrive to pick up a vehicle along the shipping route and the customer is not home give their automobile to the transporter.
4) Highway conditions including heavy vehicle traffic.
5) Auto accidents causing roadway back up.
6) Roadway construction that present long detours for all motor vehicles.
7) All our trucks have navigation systems but do to construction of new roads finding the exact location may take longer then expected.
8) Car delivery distance in which your vehicle has to travel.

Note: Car transport carriers are large trucks and are driven with extreme caution for the safety of other drivers on the road as well as the safety of your vehicle.  If you require express vehicle transport delivery please make note of this on our car shipping rates form.

Q. Is there express vehicle transport service available and why is it more expensive?
Yes there is express vehicle transport services but you must make note of this before placing your order. The reason express vehicle shipping service cost more is because the car transport carriers will carry less vehicles on the truck. Also, the trucking company may only load automobiles on same truck that are going to same location or state. Less vehicles to transport equal faster delivery time for every car. Sometimes your vehicle may even change to a different carrier (same company different truck) during transport to help speed the delivery time.

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